More! Self! Love!

It’s the month of February which always reminds me of Valentine's Day and love. Today I want to shine a spotlight on the love that we show ourselves and I'm hoping to grow in self-love this month, perhaps you'll join me.

I'm gonna give you 3 easy ways to love yourself a bit more this month.

  1. Start every day with gratitude. The act of taking just a few minutes and writing down a list of things you're grateful for while you have your morning coffee is it great way for you to see all of the love in your life and encourages you to love yourself a little bit more.
  2. Daily affirmations. I know it can seem funny to look at yourself in the mirror and recite a list of positive affirmations, however, it works! Many meditation experts often talk about being in a state of receptivity so that daily affirmations are more easily accepted. Whether you do this practice post-meditation or simply before brushing your teeth in the morning it’s a wonderful way to show yourself some self-love.  I like to make a list of 5 affirmations centered around something I’m working on.  I’ll give you an example; if you are working on healing your body, your five affirmations might look like this:
    1. My body is strong and healing.
    2. I live with an attitude of gratitude.
    3. every day I feel healthier and healthier.
    4. I am grateful for this experience of healing and welcome each new day as a step closer to wellness.
    5. I feel supported and loved as I work on healing my body.
  3. Up the Self Care. If you didn't listen to the episode a few weeks ago about self-care I reminded you that self-care looks different for everybody all the time. What you need today might be completely different than what you need a month from now or a year from now. It might be different than what your partner needs or what your best friend needs. Self-care is about giving yourself the space to decide what's best for you in the very moment you need it. A hug, a warm bath, a nap, a walk with a friend, a five-mile run, buying new underwear, drinking more water. All of those things are self-care and needed from time to time; it's up to you to figure out how best to nurture yourself.

It’s a short month friends – let’s put a whole lotta love into it.