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Before you begin any detox program...

Before we can even start to think about embarking on a detox program we need to think about stopping the onslaught of toxins in our everyday environment. Here are my top five actionable tips, you can take today, to start living less toxic lifestyle.  I call this PRETOX.

  1. Ditch any product that artificially fragrances your home; candles, air fresheners, Febreeze. All toxic.
  2. Same for fragrances IN your products. Make the switch to fragrance-free. For laundry detergent, for body lotion, for shampoo even.  BEST BET: go to www.ewg.org and look up your favorite cleaners and body products.  They will show you how safe or unsafe your products are.  Start today by simply KNOWING which of your current products are toxic.  When something runs out replace it with a better choice.
  3. For personal care products not only do we want fragrance-free but we need to be on the lookout for aluminum in deodorant and fluoride in toothpaste. Both are heavy metals both are poisonous to the brain and both are unnecessary additives. It might seem controversial but I encourage you to do your own research. Toxins are everywhere.
  4. Take a look in your kitchen, specifically at your pots and pans. If you are using something with a non-stick Teflon surface it's time for a new pan. Cast iron, stainless steel, or a ceramic coated pan like GreenPan are better choices here. Teflon contains toxic chemicals you want to avoid.
  5. Your drinking water. Please visit www.ewg.org/tapwater and plug in your zip code. You will be shown a report of all of the toxins you are drinking if you drink tap water. Unfortunately, most filters do not do a great job of filtering out the most toxic chemicals in our water. PFOA, PFOS, radioactive elements, and fluoride are all very hard to get out of water. Distilled water is truly the only pure water.  Do the research, make the switch.  It’s important for your wellness.

By making simple changes in better choices, by knowing this information that you now cannot unknow, you are on your way to well-being. Please share this podcast and this information with people that you love, sharing is caring.