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The world needs you to feel your BEST!

You're too busy to take care of yourself the way you need to.  I get it; I'm a mom, a wife, an athlete, and a Functional Health Practitioner.  I also recovered from a 12-year battle with Chronic Lyme Disease complicated by co-infections and toxic mold. I've learned what it takes to stay well in a toxic world and I'm here to share it with you.

If you haven't been feeling well, but your doctor says your labs are normal then it's time to work together.  It's time to make the commitment to yourself to get the root of what's holding you back from being the best spouse, parent, employee or friend that you could be.

..and sometimes that takes a little coaching and accountability.  I am here to provide a supportive, personalized framework for your healing. We will work closely together on TEAM YOU!  Through simple changes and better choices, functional lab testing, and creating plans with concrete goals, vibrant health & wellness will be yours.

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Client Testimonials

Kate H.


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Energy levels are through the roof

I am sleeping better and more regularly and now wake without an alarm about 6:30 every morning. I'm finally hydrated adequately and have found enough energy to play tennis 4 times a week for 90 minutes.  My energy levels are through the roof -I'm 58 but feel 35 again.  Working with Melissa was just what I needed to reset my lifestyle and meet the goals I have set for myself this year.

Lisa M.


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My constipation issues are gone.


Since I was a little girl I have had issues with constipation.  Understanding that parasites and heavy metal toxicity were contributing to my issues as well as a deficiency in Magnesium were life changing for me.  Now that I move my bowels regularly I can begin to work on detox with Melissa.  I'm looking forward to the healing that will bring. 

Mary B.


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Putting myself first.


After having 4 kids in 8 years and getting them all into school full time it's time for putting myself first.  I was still trying to lose the baby weight, not sleeping regularly and my diet was a mess.  Melissa and I worked together to create new habits for a healthier me.  I now exercise regularly and have built some muscle and lost some fat, sleep better and I actually enjoy eating healthier and teaching my family what I have learned.  My husband is feeling good too!  He says, "Healthy Wife, Healthy Life!"

Imagine if you could...


  • Overcome brain fog, fatigue and poor sleep
  • Say goodbye to a list of foods you can't eat any more
  • Let go of the idea that getting older means you won't feel well 
  • Have specialty lab work that pinpoints the root cause of disease
  • Have a clear plan on how to achieve vibrant wellness
  • Have someone on your side acknowledging and encouraging all the positive upgrades you make.
  • Put yourself first for a change - and change your life for the better!



 I've been exactly where you are and that's why I can help 


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Work with me one-on-one in my Premier Wellness Defined Program.


You and I will meet virtually once a week for up to an hour to assess general wellness and toxicity level both of the home and the body, create simple changes to routines and habits, and learn how to make best choices for ourselves in any circumstance.  Personalized nutrition and supplement recommendations, full body detox assessment, technology and wellness tools and treatments as well as mindfulness training will be used in this unique and highly personalized program.  In a few months you'll be on your way to a whole new healthy lifestyle!

Work with me!

Melissa is a rare blend of wise, caring, and practical guidance.  Her root cause approach to restoring and supporting total health delivered results that went above and beyond my expectations.  She's everything you want in a health optimization coach.

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Matthew Cross
Founder & CEO


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